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 {{:blog:blog:commodore:pet:img20211125205930.jpg?500|}} {{:blog:blog:commodore:pet:img20211125205940.jpg?500|}} {{:blog:blog:commodore:pet:img20211125205930.jpg?500|}} {{:blog:blog:commodore:pet:img20211125205940.jpg?500|}}
-Motherboard before and after:+Motherboard before and after. I decided with the age of this thing not to go too wild - in the end I just used a soft brush to clean the majority of the dust away and then used alcohol to clean off the tarnished edge connectors. I didn't want to go to the extent of rinsing the entire board.
 {{:blog:blog:commodore:pet:img20211125203600.jpg?500|}} {{:blog:blog:commodore:pet:img20211125204321.jpg?500|}} {{:blog:blog:commodore:pet:img20211125203600.jpg?500|}} {{:blog:blog:commodore:pet:img20211125204321.jpg?500|}}
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