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  • Manufacturer: Bandai
  • Part number: BAN931421
  • Year of production: 2004
  • Gundam in-universe model number: RMS-099
  • Scale: 1/100
  • Series: Zeta Gundam
  • Kit type: MG
  • In-universe role: Custom space assault
  • Build date: October 2019

  • Iwata Neo TRN1 airbrush
  • Mr Hobby snips
  • Ultimate modellers sanding strips (400/800 grit)
  • Mr Hobby Gundam Weathering marker set
  • Tamiya weathering master pastels 'B'
  • Additional decals: Bandai waterslide decals kit GD11 for 1/100 RMS-099 Rick Dias

  • Vallejo surface primer - grey (74.601): inner frame
  • Vallejo surface primer - German red brown (73.605): red armour parts
  • Badger ultimate primer - dark grey: joint parts, inner armour
  • Mig AMMO Metal - Polished Metal (A.MIG-192): inner frame
  • Vallejo Model Air - Red (Red 71.102): exterior red armour parts
  • Vallejo Model Air - Red (Red 71.003): head red accents
  • Vallejo Model Air - Nato Black (71.251): exterior black armour parts, inner section of backpack boosters
  • Vallejo Model Air - Black: pre-shading of red armour parts, pre-shading of joint parts
  • Vallejo Model Air - Panzer Dark Grey (71.056): Hands
  • Vallejo Model Air - Blue Grey (71.115): chest armour, backpack boosters
  • Mig AMMO - Dark Compass Ghost Grey (A.MIG-208): inner panels of red armour, feet, joints
  • Mig AMMO - Light Grey (A.MIG-209): flexi hoses
  • Vallejo Game Colour - Orange Fire: Cockpit seat
  • Tamiya Black Panel Line Accent Colour: inner frame panel lines/wash
  • Tamiya Brown panel Line Accent Colour: cockpit seat panel lines

An old kit, and another Char Aznable custom variant. There's something vaguely reminiscent to the Robotech/Mospeada Legioss mecha about it…

Only just started to snip out the Rick Dias from the sprues, but I'm loving the chunky retro design. This would make an awesome v2.0 kit if Bandai ever decided to retool it; there's tons of space for extra panel lines, opening hatches and such.


Started priming parts as well as final colour on inner frame parts, including ink washes. Next up, armour parts.


Finished joint parts, except highlighting the 'power hoses'.


Finished all joint parts, finished exterior black armour panels, hands, dark grey backpack boosters. Started weathering feet.

Box cover:

Parts snapped out and sorted:

Inner frame parts primed (Vallejo surface primer - grey):

Inner frame parts with final colour (Mig AMMO polished metal) and panel wash:

Joint parts and inner armour pieces primed (Badger ultimate primer - grey) and pre-shading armour and joint parts:

Two-stage shading on the armour and joint parts; first with 5:1 Mig Ammo Dark Compass Ghost Grey + Mig Ammo Sea Blue, then blown in with Dark Compass Ghost Grey highlights:

Final colour on the dark armour parts and backpack boosters in Vallejo Model Air Blue Grey with two drops of flat white just to lighten it a touch:

Joint parts and interior armour panels inked and ready to fit, and painting the hose details:

Hand (Vallejo Panzer Dark Grey, exterior armour panels (Vallejo Nato Black) and small connector parts (Mig Ammo 5:1 Dark Compass Ghost Grey + Mig Ammo Sea Blue again) all in final colours:

Started applying weathering effects to the feet. Just Gundam weathering markers and a tiny bit of white highlighting at the moment, but will dirty it up a bit more with some Tamiya weathering effect pastels later:

Hands are a unique type, none of the standard design I've seen on any other MG kit. Assembled and painted in Vallejo Panzer Dark Grey:

Main red armour pieces primed in Vallejo German Red Brown, then pre-shaded with Vallejo black:

Vallejo Red (71.102) blown in over the pre-shaded armour pieces:

Armour panels inked and washed:

Torso section being assembled:

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