GScartsw - Wall Mounting

So when fitting the Gscartsw switch I wanted to wall mount it, in place of the Hydra-W. It has a similar removable perspex backplate, so I removed it and proceeded to drill two mounting holes for wall screws, well, I tried to, except this happened:


I ended up having to cut out an identically shaped piece of plywood, including drilling holes for all the Scart socket retaining bolts, and then fastening that in place of the perspex. Fortunately the plywood I had was almost an exact match in thickness to the perspex, so the bolt length was still perfect.

With that done, it looks pretty good, and still neat and tidy:

I still need the space on the right to mount the second Gscartsw when they come back in to stock at

[Update 1st August 2020] - The second gscartsw drilled fine… I guess I was just being ham-fisted the first time around….

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