RX-78-2 Gundam fixed-pose figure bust

This was my first test-print after setting up my 3D printer (Elegoo Mars Pro).

The model was sourced from and arranged in Chitubox to add supports and slice it. One issue which was not apparent when I downloaded the STL file is that it isn't set up for any particular scale; on import it defaults to a tiny model only a few millimetres in height.

The final design, once painted and detailed to a high standard, is capable of looking like this (which is the work of the author, not me!):


This was my first ever 3d print and I made some fairly obvious mistakes:

  • Aligned a lot of the parts to be completely horizontal (result: resin doesn't drain properly)
  • Used automatic supports only (result: some of the small parts are slightly warped)

In future, it's best if parts are angled away from the build plate and lcd at anything up to 45 degrees. In addition, smaller parts do need supports!

Initially everything looked good, however after starting to drain the resin vat there was a piece sitting in the bottom:

This appeared to be the neck connector - fortunately that one part can be printed again.

I did a 2 minute wash in IPA, following by a drain/dry and then a 2 minute cure cycle.

After that process, the parts looked like this:

No clean-up, just snipped from the supports:

Most parts are looking pretty good - except the camera/fin (which has a warped bottom, rather than flat), and the base of the bust itself, which again is slightly bent, rather than flat. In hindsight those two parts should have been affixed directly to the build plate angled to allow the resin to drain, rather than put on supports flat which allowed it to pool on the horizontal surface.

Some basic cleanup of the head, fin and face plate:

The last image, above, is compared to a 1/100 scale Master Grade RX-78-2 Gundam ver 3.0 - so you can estimate the scale of the printed bust to be around 1/50 to 1/60 scale.

Mock up of the final piece, missing the neck part, of course:

[Update July 10th 2021] - Reprinted the failed neck connection part, played around with the orientation in the slicing software and added some more supports, as well as recalibrated the 0-position. It printed much better this time:

Testing the size/fit of the replacement part:

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