Harder and Steenbeck Silverline Evolution 2-in-1

Bought November 2020. This comes with 0.2mm and 0.4mm needles so it can do very fine work as well as more general colour fills on models.

It's a much easier to clean design than either of my other brushes - unscrew the end cap and the nozzle slips out and you pull the needle out through the front. You can then clean the base of the paint cups and where the needle slides through the nozzle. Much simpler than the other with multiple seals and the rear-extracting needle.

Link to airbrush specs are Harder and

Neo for Iwata TRN-1

My first airbrush and incredibly comfortable to use, being a pistol trigger design. This has a 0.35mm needle so it is a balance between fine and general work. For some reason this airbrush gets dry needle tips very, very easily, so it needs constant cleaning or can start spitting quite badly.

I've had to replace the needle and several other parts on this and have found them very expensive.

Link to airbrush at

No-name sidefeed & suction airbrushes

I got a pair of no-brand airbrushes; one side-feed, the other suction (which I don't use). The side-feed isn't bad, not particulary fine, but it's good enough to do all of my heavy duty work (e.g. priming).


I use a cheap compressor from Amazon. It has an air tank and pressure valve. It was cheap, but works great. Usually I have it set between 15-30psi. The compressor runs for a couple of minutes at a time, and if you are using the brush more-or-less constantly, you'll get a couple of minutes between the compressor running. So it isn't silent, but it's quiet for periods of time.

The compressor also came with a pair of basic airbrushes, listed above.

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