Maschinen Krieger Friedrich

This is a model based on the Ma.K Friedrich armoured fighting suit, the original design is shown below:

The modified design is from an author called Three Triangle, and can be purchased from Cults3d, you can see the authors intended output here:

It's a pretty good likeness, and with a few extra parts (wires, brass tubing, etc), should look like a good variant.


  • Elegoo Mars Pro 3D printer
  • Mr Hobby cutters
  • Ultimate sanding sticks
  • Diamond files (various)
  • Steel wire (reinforcing pins at joints)
  • Brass rod (radio antenna, laser cannon barrel, exhaust vent rail)
  • Harder & Steenbeck Evo airbrush
  • USB cable(!) (power conduit to legs & laser cannon)
  • Milliput fine putty
  • Base:
    • GW 80mm base
    • Woodland Scenics Coarse Ballast
    • War World Scenics Cork Boulders
  • Primer: Vallejo Desert Tan, Vallejo Olive Drab
  • Camo colours:
    • Base: MIG Ammo (Light Compass Grey)
    • Pattern: Vallejo Model Air (Blue Grey), MIG Ammo (Gunship Grey), MIG Ammo (Dark Compass Grey)
  • Shoulder armour: AK Interactive (Radiant Yellow) + couple of drops of MIG Ammo (Medium Rust)
  • Pin filter: Abteilung 502 oils (Sepia, Starship Filth, Dead Flesh)
  • Rust effect/chipping: MIG Ammo (Medium Grey), Vallejo Game Colour (Charred Brown, Scrofulous Brown)
  • Weathering/streaks: Abteilung 502 oils (Sepia wash)
  • Base: Vallejo Game Colour (Earth), Vallejo Game Colour (Charred Brown)

This is a bigger model and needs to be printed in 3 seperate jobs in order to fit on the printable area of my Elegoo Mars Pro printer.

Part 1 - main body, engine, pilot seat, cockpit hatches:

Part 2 - legs, arms and weapons:

Part 3 - pilot figure, canopy, engine cover:

Again, a mostly good print, but the main body is nowhere to be seen!

Part of the main body is stuck to the FEP film on the bottom of the resin vat:

The body section will obviously need printing again!

[Update July 21st 2021] - Reprinted the failed main body section this afternoon and with an extensive amount of supports it printed perfectly:

A little bit of cleanup with a craft knife to remove some support nubs and then a bit of sanding to smooth things out:

Removing the supports and cleaning up the main body section:

Test fit of the seat and engine parts:

The three thin sections - one by each 'side window' and one around the rear engine 'exhaust' printed okay, but I managed to snap all three of them during cleanup. They could probably be better done in brass or copper pipe as resin of that thickness is always going to be very fragile.

All parts printed and given an initial clean/nub removal:

Unfortunately I managed to snap off one of the corners of the upper cockpit canopy, so that will need to be glued back on:

[Update - July 14th 2021] - I replaced all of the thin resin 'bars', 'handles', antennae and similar with brass rod:

[Update - July 15th 2021] - Added barrels to the laser cannon arm and electrical wires from the cannon to body:

[Update - July 16th 2021] - Pinned and glued legs to body:

First coat of primer, mainly to see where I need to sand again, or, as may be the case - apply filler first:

[Update - July 18th 2021] - Filled all of the nub holes with two-part resin putty and sanded it flat. Ready for another coat of primer:

[Update - July 23rd 2021] - Applied another coat of primer (olive drab). Most parts are about ready for paint/shading etc, but the main body and the laser arm has a few little areas where the original primer coat has been sanded back and requires feathering in:

[Update - July 26th 2021] - Applied based coat of final colour (a mix of grey, blue and white)… ended up being lighter than I wanted, not particularly happy with it but decided to press on…

[Update - July 27th 2021] - Did some basic camo in shades of grey/blue… it softened the light grey base colour down quite a lot. This is my first attempt at doing any kind of camo scheme and I can definitely improve on this in the future! Also painted the pilot figure, but ended up having to file down the back of the pilots head in order to display it with the suit hatch open:

There's also some very basic panel lining/weathering going on, but I'm planning to use this as a test model for oil based weathering once I get some decals applied, so it will end up looking a lot dirtier.

[Update - July 28th 2021] - Started to add various decals to the suit. Since I obviously didn't get any with the digital 3D model, I used various 1/100 scale decals from a few HiQ Parts sheets. They are really nice things:

You'll also notice I added some hoses to the laser arm and the legs. Not included on the 3d model, but almost all the Ma.K suit designs have them. They'll get painted and weathered so they don't look like pieces of plastic chopped from a spare USB cable…

Shoulder armour and highlights on laser cannon added. Also painted and applied decals to the panzerfaust weapon:

[Update - July 29th 2021] - Started to try a pin filter, or oil wash or whatever you want to call it. Never tried this before, but it was as good a time as any to see how it worked:

It wasn't entirely unsuccessful! It definitely lends an extra depth to the model and gets rid of the flat looks of the acrylic paint. I can see how adjusting the number of dots and the colours used would give completely different effects. I used a red (as well as black, brown and off-white) in the test above and it probably wasn't the best choice; a green or blue would probably have been better. But I know enough to make a better colour choice next time. I definitely like the effect it brings though.

[Update - July 31st 2021] - Adding chipping/damage and rust effects to the model using a sequence of three different acrylics; a light grey applied using a small sponge, then a dark brown using a medium/fine brush to show patches of dark rust, then a fine brush with a limited amount of orange/brown to bring out some heavily rusted highlights:

The first three images above show the light grey highlights (lightly chipped/worn areas) and the first layer of dark brown rusted patches.

The next set of images show the heavily rusted areas highlighted in an orange brown colour:

Then applied an oil wash (mostly Sepia, plus a tiny amount of Crimson - both heavily thinned) over the the entire model to flatten down the chipping / rust effects:

Some slightly better images of the same:

[Update - August 4th 2021] - Started work on a base to mount the figure. Using an 80mm plastic base with model railway ballast for earth/gravel and cork 'rocks':

[Update - August 5th 2021] - Applied first layer of colour to the base (Vallejo Game Colour, Earth + several drops of Charred Brown):

Highlighted the cork rocks (Vallejo Game Colour, Sombre Grey + few drops of Black), plus a few bits of the gravel base for interest, and put a wash of brown ink over the rest of the base:

Attached the figure to the base with hot glue, also added a few little bits of static grass:

All that is left to do is seal the model with a satin varnish.

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