• Manufacturer: Bandai
  • Part number: BAN934107
  • Year of production: 2005
  • Gundam in-universe model number: RX121-1 TR-1
  • Scale: 1/144
  • Series: Advance of Zeta
  • Kit type: HG
  • In-universe role: Prototype space use mobile suit
  • Build date: 2008? 2009?

  • Various enamel spray cans
  • Vallejo Game colour paints
  • Standard in-box decals

One of the first few Gundam kits that I built; around 2008 or 2009. This was painted in really poor spray cans, with details done in brush using Vallejo game colour. Decals are the basic included in-box stickers. It's not a pretty job by any means.

That all said, the Hazel is such an awesome, boxy, bulky design it's hard not to admire it. I had it on my office desk at work for years.

I like the Hazel Custom design so much that I (much, much later) bought the vastly over-priced MG Premium Bandai kit, which is partly based on the RX-178-2 MKII Gundam v2.0 kit, so it has much better movement and posing.

Finished Images

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