• Manufacturer: Bandai
  • Part number: BAN981329
  • Year of production: 2013
  • Gundam in-universe model number: RGM-96X Jesta Cannon
  • Scale: 1/100
  • Series: Gundam Unicorn
  • Kit type: HG
  • In-universe role: Specialist Operations mobile suit
  • Build date: NA

  • NA

A souped-up, up-armoured version of the ultimate incarnation of the venerable GM line of 'grunt' mobile suits. The Jesta is supposed to be the top of the line non-Gundam model. It looks pretty cool, regardless.

Box art…

Fairly extensive set of parts for a non Master Grade kit; you're basically building the normal (non-Cannon) Jesta, but then have a load more parts for the extra armour and weaponry.


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