• Manufacturer: Hasegawa
  • Part number: Hasegawa Macross Zero kit #20
  • Year of production: 2006
  • Macross in-universe model number: VF-0A/S (can be built as either -A or -S variant)
  • Scale: 1/100
  • Series: Macross Zero
  • Kit type: Not directly equivalent to a Bandai HG/MG, but closer to Master Grade, I think.
  • In-universe role: Prototype transformable fighter
  • Build date: Summer 2020

  • Mr Hobby snips

Macross Zero is a prequel to the original Macross series, set before the 1982 TV series. Although supposedly earlier vehicle designs, I think the VF-0 mecha is probably the best looking version of the Macross Valkyrie. Every part of it is just better, compared to the original VF-1 design; it's a leaner and meaner version, compared to the mainstream, main-series design - take a look at the arms, head unit etc. It's just a better, less-clunky look.

But I guess all of that is the benefit of 35+ years of refinement in design and artwork.

Box artwork…

Manual / instructions and extensive waterslide decal set….

Manual instructions - absolutely minimal Japanese text, as with most Gundam models, I don't think you'd need to know any Japanese to build this (good thing for me!). Also image of the individual sprues. I'd say this was well above a High-Grade Gundam in complexity and approaching a Master Grade; perhaps even exceeding some of the older MG designs. One thing is clear, the moulding and surface detail is exquisite.

[Update: September 14th 2020] - Added images of some of the primed and painted sub-components; knee and hip-joints and primed main leg sections:

[Update: September 2022] - Picked up this partially built kit again with the aim of completing it:

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