Großer Hund 'Altair'

  • Manufacturer: Hasegawa
  • Part number: 64105
  • Year of production: 2012
  • Scale: 1/20
  • Series: Maschinen Krieger / SF3D
  • Kit type: Articulated model kit (>200 parts), poseable with polycaps
  • In-universe role: Space Type Humanoid Unmanned Interceptor, Strahl Democratic Republic forces
  • Build date: ???

I bought this kit new, from a seller on Yahoo Auctions Japan, using, in July 2021. It was fairly priced - no more than the same kit was when new, so it was a good deal since it was out of print at the time.

The Altair is a space/flight version of the Großer Hund. They are both autonomous (read: computer controlled) interception units, designed by the Strahl Democratic Republic to hunt out and destroy enemy Mercenary fighting suits (the AFS and SAFS designs).

The Altair has a space capable flight pack and additional sensors compared to the ground based Großer Hund, but shares the powerful left-arm laser cannon. Both are more powerful and taller than the average powered-suit designs, making them extremely effective hunters.

I love the space versions of most of the SDR suits and the flight pack added to the Großer Hund is no exception - while it has a vaguely humanoid appearance, there's no mistaking that it's a cold, computer-controlled robot. Plus the semi-exposed innards and parts use the Ma.K aesthetic of dangling cables, hoses and pipes to great effect.

The grey/yellow paint scheme of the Altair is something I wanted to replicate across most of the SDR forces.

Like the base Großer Hund kit that this is based on, it's a big kit with many runners and over 200 parts in total. If you've put together anything more than a basic kit before you should be okay, but I wouldn't recommend this one for someone just starting out.

  • Instruction manual
  • Waterslide decal instructions
  • Painting guide / info card
  • 1x Waterslide decal sheet
  • 18x Parts sprues
    • A1 (Großer Hund), cream, legs
    • A2 (Großer Hund), cream, main body, arms
    • C (Altair), cream, backpack
    • D (Altair), cream, foot soles, armour panels
    • F (Altair), cream, feet
    • F (Altair), cream, feet
    • J (Altair), cream, laser cannon, flight sensors
    • L (Altair), cream, backpack thrusters
    • L (Altair), cream, backpack thrusters
    • N (Großer Hund), cream, legs
    • N (Großer Hund), cream, legs
    • Q (Großer Hund), cream, head
    • S (Großer Hund), cream, upper armour (late type only)
    • V (Großer Hund), cream, rivets, smoke launchers
    • V (Großer Hund), cream, rivets, smoke launchers
    • W (Großer Hund), black, flexible rubing
    • X (Großer Hund), clear, sensor covers
    • PC-3, grey, polycaps
  • 1x Bag flexible wire

Box art:


Waterslide decal instructions:

Painting guide:

Waterslide decals:

Parts sprues:

Multimedia parts:

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