Panzer Aufklärungs 'Krote'

  • Manufacturer: Wave
  • Part number: 9
  • Year of production: 2010
  • Scale: 1/20
  • Series: Maschinen Krieger / SF3D
  • Kit type: Large scale kit, poseable with polycaps
  • In-universe role: Heavy Armoured Autonomous Walker, Strahl Democratic Republic forces
  • Build date: ???

Bought this one from an auction on in July 2021. It was listed as unused and unbuilt for a reasonable price (~£30); much better than the scalpers on Ebay (£100+ in 2021!!!) were wanting for one.

Manufacturers images below:



The Krote is one of the larger ground vehicles from the Ma.K universe and one of the few 'autonomous' designs - most being crewed by a human operator. The Krote is a heavily armoured bipedal walker which, as standard has a heavy multi-barrel machine gun. A variant of the Krote mounts a 75mm cannon and is referred to as the PaK Krote (in reference to the real weapon of the same name from WW2). A version of this model was produced by Wave, but is extremely hard to find:

There are also resin/garage kit conversions to make a normal Krote into a PaK Krote, but again, these are expensive:

The Krote also forms the basis of several additional designs:

The Kuster, which takes most of the basic Krote design and then ramps everything up a notch, with smoke dischargers, radar and extra details. Wave made at least one production run of this version:

Then, there is the Konigs Krote, or King Krote, which changes the head/turret design quite significantly, adds a low-slung central sensor/laser pod and mounts multiple missile launchers, with the machine gun relegated to a secondary weapon. It's quite a big model and I've been unable to find any major manufacturer who released one; they all seem to be resin kits:

There is a Youtube channel by the model builder Jon Bius who has built and painted a Kuster (but it's 95% identical to a Krote). I think it is an excellent example of how good they can look; it's also a really good tutorial for various weathering techniques. I've linked part 1 and part 2 of his videos below:

I will almost certainly be copying some of his techniques and borrowing some ideas from his painting scheme, since I want most of my SDR (Strahl Democratic Republic) army designs to all be variants on the same grey/blue/yellow colour scheme.

All of the parts sprues in this particular production run are re-used Nitto designs. They have 'Nitto' removed from one side of the sprue, but it remains moulded clearly on the other side! :D

  • Instruction manual
  • Painting guide / information card
  • 2x Bag of multimedia parts
    • 1x Bag of brass rod & wire
    • 1x Bag of springs, photoetched brass, flexible rubber tubing
  • 5x Parts sprues
    • A (Krote), beige, main hull
    • B (Krote), beige, main hull detail parts
    • C (Krote), beige, lower hull
    • D (Krote), beige, legs
    • I (Gans), beige, armour parts, smoke launchers
    • Figure, beige
  • 1x Clear sensor cover
  • 1x Bag of (6) nylon spacers

Box artwork:

Instruction manual:

Painting guide:

Waterslide decals:

Parts sprues:

Multimedia bits and other small parts:


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