• Manufacturer: N/A
  • Part number: N/A
  • Year of production: 2004
  • Scale: 1/48
  • Series: Robot Battle V
  • Kit type: Fixed pose resin garage kit
  • In-universe role: Human controlled robotic weapon
  • Build date: ???

This is an interesting resin kit that I picked up in the early 2000's - again, I didn't know much of Maschinen Krieger or the other works of Kow Yokoyama at the time; but it looked like a really interesting design.

Manufacturers images below:

Note: the manufacturers images are of the Rainbow Egg branded, 1/35 scale kit, not of the 1/48 resin kit that I have - though it does give an idea of the final design.

The Lancelot is a bipedal, human-controlled robot from the Robot Battle V; a series of illustrations and accompanying articles & short stories. Some sources say it shares the same universe as Maschinen Krieger, but there's nothing conclusive to say it does. The background has humanity fighting AI controlled robots, and the Lancelot is one of the designs used to combat the AI war machines.

The kit I have is unbranded, and, I think, was bought from a private seller on Ebay back in the early 2000's. It's typical of a low volume 'garage produced' kit, in that it's obviously hand made, with basic tools and casting techniques. There are lots of casting marks, warped parts and the overall detail compared to modern resin kits is clearly nowhere near as good. I have a feeling that it is almost certainly a recast of someone else's kit.

On the positive side, it did come with a page of instructions, which is more than I can say for a lot of similar kits.

There are lots of casting issues and tons of cleanup needed to remove casting marks. There are also a large number of really small or fine pieces that are going to need replacing with wire or tubing as they're clearly not going to stand up to cleaning/prep/painting, never mind any subsequent handling or shelf placement.

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