Panzer Kampf Anzug Ausf ver.N - 'Nixe'

  • Manufacturer: Wave
  • Part number: Mk-28
  • Year of production: 2018
  • Scale: 1/20
  • Series: Maschinen Krieger / SF3D
  • Kit type: Articulated model kit, poseable with polycaps
  • In-universe role: Powered Armoured Suit - ver.N, Strahl Democratic Republic forces
  • Build date: ???

Bought new from Yahoo Japan Auctions (via in July 2021.

Manufacturers images below:

The Nixe is an evolutionary design of the Strahl Democratic Republic powered suit. It bridges the gap between the earlier, glass-windows Friedrich, Gustav and Leopard types, with the later designs like the Kauz and Melusine which move to remove sensors. It's basically the armoured body of the Melusine with the open viewport of the earlier models.

I like this one as it clearly bridges the gap between the early suit designs and the later ones.

This will probably get a similar grey/blue/yellow colour scheme to the other SDR figures and vehicles, somewhat based on the box art and manufacturers images.

  • 1x Instruction/painting guide
  • 1x Sheet of waterslide decals
  • 11x Sprues of parts
    • A (Kauz), green, main body, shoulder armour
    • B (Kauz), green, main body (front)
    • C (Gustav), green, legs, feet
    • D (Gustav), green, laser cannon, hands
    • E (Melusine), green, side body, arms and skirt armour
    • F (Nixe), green, rear panel parts
    • G (Kauz) + H (Nixe), clear, canopy glass, sensor optics (these sprues are joined)
    • I (Nixe), green, front panel/canopy
    • J (Nixe), biege, pilot head
    • PC (Gustav), grey, joint parts, hoses
    • U (Gustav), green, panzerfaust weapon

Box artwork and instruction manual:

Frames (G + H), C and D:

Frames PC, E and U:

Frames J, A and B:

Frames F and I, with the sheet of waterslide decals:

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