Super Armoured Fighting Suit - 'Rapoon'

  • Manufacturer: Wave
  • Part number: MK-17
  • Year of production: 2017
  • Scale: 1/20
  • Series: Maschinen Krieger / SF3D
  • Kit type: Articulated model kit, poseable with polycaps
  • In-universe role: Super Armoured Fighting Suit Mk.III Recon Type Rapoon, Mercenary forces
  • Build date: October 2022

Bought new from Yahoo Japan Auctions (via in July 2021.

Manufacturers images below:

Note: The Rapoon can be built as a pure recon-design, or as a armed version. The above shows the pure recon type - the armed design replaces the left arm for a powerful laser cannon as per the box art.

  • Instruction manual / painting guide
  • 1x waterslide decal sheet
  • 14x Parts sprues
    • A (S.A.F.S), red, main body (front), hand, fingers, hatch interior
    • B (S.A.F.S), red, feet, legs, joint parts
    • D (Snake Eye), clear, hatch sensor cover
    • DD (Rapoon), red
    • E (Snake Eye), red, hatch parts
    • EE (Rapoon), beige, pilot head
    • F (S.A.F.S), red, arm, shoulder/skirt armour
    • G (Raptor), red, laser cannon, main body (sides)
    • I (Raptor), red, pilot head (alternate), leg armour
    • PC (Prowler), grey, joint parts & polycaps
    • PC (S.A.F.S), grey, polycaps, tubing, joint parts
    • S (Prowler), red, arm, hand, fingers, front sensor
    • T (Prowler), clear, front sensor cover
    • V (Racoon), red, sensor parts

Box art:

Instruction manual and painting guide:

Waterslide decals:

Parts sprues:

[Update 13th October 2022] - Starting building the Rapoon kit.

Parts clipped out:

Arms built:

Torso section:


Main body, prior to any additional details:

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