• Manufacturer: Bandai
  • Part number: BAN916402
  • Year of production: 2003
  • Gundam in-universe model number: MS-09RS
  • Scale: 1/100
  • Series: Gundam Mobile Suit Variations
  • Kit type: MG
  • In-universe role: High mobility space assault
  • Build date: March-April 2018

  • Iwata Neo TRN1 Airbrush
  • Aftermarket 1/100 MS-09R waterslide decals
  • Various water based paints (Vallejo model air, MIG, Vallejo primer)
  • Tamiya panel line inks
  • Mr Hobby decal softener and decal setter

Another old kit, from 2003; the early years of the Master Grade series, and it's another custom Char Aznable souped-up design. The Dom is a bulky, sluggish looking thing, but in-universe it's very fast and manoeuvrable as it's stuffed full of thrusters under the flared out armour sections.

It's Char, it's red (well, pinkish-red).

It's a fairly simple MG kit, no particular stand out gimmicks, but the kit was designed well and still looks great. This was my third ever MG, and only the second to use an airbrush to paint (the first being the MG Char's Z'Gok). A similar colour scheme to the Z'Gok, since it's a trademark of Char Aznable to have red suits. This one has more black and grey than the Z'Gok though.

Unfortunately I couldn't source a MS-09RS specific waterslide decal set, and had to just use the MS-09R set instead (the Rick Dom, not the Char-specific model). It's close enough, as long as you're not a Gundam snob.

Final matt coating

Gloss coating

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