• Manufacturer: Bandai
  • Part number: BAN953144
  • Year of production: 2008
  • Gundam in-universe model number: MS-06F
  • Scale: 1/100
  • Series: Gundam 0079 (and virtually every other UC-based series)
  • Kit type: MG
  • In-universe role: General purpose mobile suit
  • Build date: 2012

  • Tamiya / Humbrol enamel spray cans
  • Gundam panel marker
  • Standard dry transfers

The standard version of the Zaku II (there's about a million variations of it), in the version 2.0 kit release which has extended articulation, finer detail, more weapon accessories and is just overall hands-down better than the original Master Grade release.

In fact, all of the Zaku ver 2.0 kits are pretty much universally acknowledged as some of the most solidly designed, well thought out and detailed designs, even 10 years after they were released. Let's face it, the Zaku design is just pure utilitarian military machine - no frills, no fancy backpacks, no wings or huge rocket boosters; just wave-after-wave of bad guy grunts!

The standard Zaku is almost always presented in a green colour scheme, as it was in the original Gundam anime, however I wanted a desert-type look, so I went with beige, sand, brown and grey in various Tamiya and Humbrol spray cans.

Despite the fact that it was a very basic build with my, at the time limited-skills, with simple flat colours, the standard dry transfers (awful things!) and minimal panel lining it still manages to look classy.

I've got a couple more of these in my back-catalogue, waiting to be built, and I'd like to try some more adventurous detailing on those, with some of the techniques I've picked up since I started airbrushing.

Finished Images

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