Tuned Heart [PC-98]

  • Genre: Strategy / RPG
  • Date: 1996
  • Company: System Soft
  • Neo Kobe archive location: ./SystemSoft/Tuned Heart/

Online information


  • Disks: 4x 1.2MB (as archive Tuned Heart [FD].zip)
  • HD Image: 41MB (in archive Tuned Heart [HD].zip)
  Length      Date    Time    Name
---------  ---------- -----   ----
  1261568  1996-12-24 23:32   Tuned Heart (Disk 1) [original uncracked].hdm
  1261568  1996-12-24 23:32   Tuned Heart (Disk 1).hdm
  1261568  1996-12-24 23:32   Tuned Heart (Disk 2).hdm
  1261568  1996-12-24 23:32   Tuned Heart (Disk 3).hdm
  1261568  1996-12-24 23:32   Tuned Heart (Disk 4).hdm
---------                     -------
  6307840                     5 files

Floppy disk 1 has the installer utility:

Just run INSTALL.BAT to start the hard disk install routine.

After running INSTALL.BAT from disk 1 you see an initial installation screen:

This is asking you confirm the creation of a new directory in A:\S-SOFT\TH, which appears to be a hard default for the destination. Answering N at this point exits the installer, so press Y.

Next you are asked if you would like to create a boot floppy to start the game, choose the first option (No) here to bypass it:

The next screen asks you to select the type of sound device, either a -26 as used on PC-9801 machines or -86 as used on later PC-9801 and PC-9821 and higher, or, lastly; a system running Windows 95 and a Windows-supported sound device:

You then have a final confirmation screen:

Selecting the default option here continues the installer, which then begins copying files. After a short time you'll then get prompted for each subsequent floppy in turn:

A last screen thanks you for installing the game, then dumps you back to the command line:

After install, you should have a directory of files that looks like this:

Run SSGAME.BAT and the game will start, showing a series of logos fading in and out:

Then ultimately the game title, and then the game main menu:

Tuned Heart is now fully playable in English!

You can find a local copy of the patch and English manual. Do note that the patcher is a Windows .exe, so you'll have to run it in Windows, or Wine on Linux.

I also have the game pre-packaged, with the English patch, with metadata, artwork and other stuff ready to run via my PC98 native game launcher, here.

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