My parents bought my a cordless Bosch drill/driver as a moving in present to our current house.

I't s a compact, powerful little drill and we've had nearly 5 years of constant use out of it - drilling floorboards, bolting together shelves, the odd bit of masonry work. It's handled it all.

Sadly whilst nearly finished on my latest job (fitting floorboards in the loft space above our garage) it started to arc quite badly from the motor and smoke really nastily. At the time I couldn't find an exact match to replace the motor, so I bought a bare drill as a replacement; re-using the battery packs, chargers etc.

When it came I realised that I'd made a mistake:

The original drill is, of course a multi-function drill/driver/hammer drill. The new one is just a drill/driver (which I hadn't spotted).

Fortunately, I realised that it was a simple matter of swapping over the gearbox and drill/driver/hammer selection mechanisms, which are completely self-contained parts of the two models:

Above; removing the gearbox, chuck and selection mechanism of the old, burnt-out drill.

Below; removing the gearbox and chuck of the new non-hammer drill:

Below; fitting the gearbox, chuck and selector from the old hammer drill into the new case and fitting on the new motor:

New drill fitted with the hammer mechanism from the old one:

At some point, if I can get a replacement motor, I'll refit it into the old drill and then have a working drill/driver as well.

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