[July 2020]

I built this short free-standing shelving unit to house various retro-computer base units which had been standing on the floor since moving to the new (smaller) office room.

It's build from 5 identical shelves (51cm x 40cm) from Mersey Plas & Ply, which I've used a couple of times for custom-sized shelving panels, along with a few bits of MDF offcuts I had in the shed, and about a dozen wood screws. Total cost was around £30 to build.

It turned out quite nicely for a relatively cheap solution. Here's (from top to bottom):

  • Sharp X68000 Pro
  • NEC PC-9821An
  • Macintosh IICi
  • Acorn Risc PC700

… and here's the 'computer' corner of the office, with most of the 8/16bit microcomputers:

It certainly looks a lot tidier than the old setup which had them stacked on top of each other on the floor. As a bonus all of the cabling from the back of the systems is now hidden, too.

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