Levelling Garage Floor & Epoxy Floor Paint

After we had our house extended in 2020, one of the final things left to do was to finish the garage floor - where the existing concrete slab had been extended to meet the new walls. Unfortunately this wasn't finished quite level or smooth, so we had to apply a levelling compound first, before we could apply the resin floor protection I wanted.

Levelling Floor

First step is sealing the bare concrete, including some heavy duty sealant over patches that have had paint or oil spilled on them previously:

We used Setcrete Self-Levelling (Latex) Compound. 8x 20KG bags - floor area is approximately 43 square metres, but the majority of the screen was used on the new slab, as the existing garage floor was already level.

The finish is good enough for a garage floor - if it was going to be used for tiles, or an interior part of the house we probably would have taken more time and used much more levelling compound to get the whole thing mirror smooth; there are still a few minor lumps and bumps.

As it was, we just wanted to cover the joins in the concrete slab as well as smooth out the relatively rough finish of the new concrete before we applied the resin floor protection. I think the finish is good enough for that.

One thing which I think worked against us was the weather in which we poured the floor - we did it one weekend in June (probably 20+ degree centigrade - warm for the UK!), and it turned out to be much warmer than expected, so by the time we had mixed the next batch to pour, we were finding that the last pour had already started to cure faster than we expected.

Epoxy Resin Coating

We are using a high build epoxy resin floor covering from

First stage is a two-pack epoxy primer, then a two-pack epoxy paint.

Rolling on the resin paint… it was incredibly thick to apply, much more difficult to roll out than the primer:

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