Insulating Garage Door

As part of getting the new garage door installed in 2020, we had various options for the spec of the installation; colour, remote control etc. There was also a £700 option to have the motor mechanism enclosed. We opted not to go for that one as it seemed rather expensive for a purely cosmetic choice…

… however, the particular features of our installation meant that after the roller door was installed, there was a significant gap between the top of the roller and the garage brickwork, and this was letting quite a draft in. Fortunately I had load of hardboard panels left from lining the garage loft roof and made up something that was approximately the same as the £700 motor enclosure option:

All edges, including from the floor, sealed with either caulk or expanding foam, so the draft was cut down substantially.

The sagging of the panels was sorted by added a set of bent steel 'C' brackets which lifted up the bottom edge of the hardboard panels:

The only other thing to do now would be to install some wide draft-excluder brushes on the bottom edge of the enclosure so that it physically touches the rear of the roller door.

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