Video Game Captures & Reviews

Captures of various games on various systems that I own. All of the images and video clips below are from original hardware, not emulators.

Some footage from older systems (generally speaking up to the 32bit console era) will be upscaled by being passed through an OSSC, so may have the appearance of higher resolution or clearer image than originally expected, but I can guarantee that this is all captured from actual physical systems and not emulators.

Technical Details

My Dreamcast is usually set to output via a Pound HDMI convertor box. The Dreamcast can output in 15KHz as suitable for most home televisions, but many titles also supported a 31KHz 720×480 (640×480 display) mode. There are more modern solutions that can tap the digital video signal on the Dreamcast motherboard directly, and these offer improvements such as line doubled output (960p) for todays high resolution displays. Even so, the Dreamcast remains a console that has really clear output in whatever form you use it.

  • Video is captured by being fed directly to a Magewell Pro Capture HDMI card. Where possible, this is at the native 480p resolution of the game.
  • Audio is extracted from the HDMI signal and injected to a stereo mixer and fed into an analogue line-in connection.


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