Sharp X68000 Pro (CZ-652) Capacitor List

Main & Sub Boards

Following the visual check, I made a list of all the (electrolytic) capacitors on the boards:

Number Board Capacitance Voltage Temperature Rating Notes
C1 Main 0.47uf 50v 85c
C5 Main 220uf 6.3v 85c
C12 Main 330uf 6.3v 85c
C13 Main 100uf 16v 85c
C15 Main 330uf 16v 85c
C16 Main 470uf 6.3v 85c
C38 Main 4.7uf 50v 85c
C39 Main 4.7uf 50v 85c
C40 Main 470uf 10v 85c
C41 Main 470uf 10v 85c
C43 Main 470uf 10v 85c
C44 Main 3300uf 6.3v 85c Large cap near rear IO panel
C47 Main 4.7uf 50v 85c
C48 Main 4.7uf 50v 85c
C49 Main 4.7uf 50v 85c
C50 Main 100uf 10v 85c
C56 Main 33uf 10v 85c
C201 Sub 100uf 6.3v 85c
C202 Sub 100uf 10v 85c
C203 Sub 100uf 10v 85c
C204 Sub 330uf 6.3v 85c
C205 Sub 47uf 16v 85c
C207 Sub 10uf 16v 85c
C210 Sub 47uf 16v 85c
C211 Sub 100uf 6.3v85c
C213 Sub 4.7uf 50v 85c
C214 Sub 47uf 16v 85c
C215 Sub 47uf 16v 85c
C218 Sub 100uf 6.3v 85c
C220 Sub 4.7uf 50v 85c
C221 Sub 4.7uf 50v 85c
C222 Sub 47uf 16v 85c
C223 Sub 330uf 6.3v 85c
C224 Sub 100uf 16v 85c
C225 Sub 100uf 6.3v 85c
C226 Sub 100uf 16v 85c
c227 Sub 0.47uf 50v 85c
C231 Sub 0.47uf 50v 85c
C232 Sub 1uf 50v 85c
C233 Sub 0.47uf 50v 85c
C234 Sub 100uf 10v 85c
C238 Sub 0.47uf 50v 85c
C239 Sub 0.47uf 50v 85c
C240 Sub 330uf 6.3v 85c
C241 Sub 100uf 16v 85c Failed
C242 Sub 330uf 6.3v 85c
C243 Sub 100uf 16v 85c Failed
C244 Sub 330uf 16v 85c
C249 Sub 1uf 50v 85c
C251 Sub 22uf 16v 85c
C255 Sub 4.7uf 50v 85c
C256 Sub 47uf 16v 85c
C262 Sub 330uf 16v 85c
R221 Sub 47uf 16v 85c Cant make the number out, but its next to R221.

Yes, that's right; there are more than 50 electrolytic capacitors on the motherboard.


  • 6x 0.47uF, 50v
  • 9x 4.7uF, 50v
  • 2x 1uF, 50v
  • 1x 10uF, 16v
  • 1x 22uF, 16v
  • 1x 33uF, 10v
  • 7x 47uF, 16v
  • 3x 100uF, 6.3v
  • 4x 100uF, 10v
  • 5x 100uF, 16v
  • 1x 220uF, 6.3v
  • 5x 330uF, 6.3v
  • 3x 330uF, 16v
  • 1x 470uF, 6.3v
  • 3x 470uF, 10v
  • 1x 3300uF, 6.3v

Floppy & Audio Riser Board

Number Location Capacitance Voltage
C401 SCSI riser 1uF 50v
C402 SCSI riser 4.7uF 50v
C403 SCSI riser 4.7uF 50v

Floppy Drives

Note: The capacitor lists here only apply to the X68000 Pro with floppy drive model “Sharp CMECF0015CE01”, also known as “TEAC FD-55GFR - Part numer 19307350-60”. Do not use this list for any other drive type:

Number Location Capacitance Voltage Notes
C1 Edge connector board ??? ??? This is an all-black part with no rating label!
C2 Edge connector board 22uF 10v
C3 Edge connector board 100uF 10v
C4 Edge connector board 10uF 25v
C11 Edge connector board Ceramic, labelled as: SR 104M 12v
C12 Edge connector board Ceramic, labelled as: SR 104M 12v
C23 Edge connector board 6.8uF 50v
C24 Edge connector board Not fitted Not fitted
C25 Edge connector board 6.8uF 50v
C26 Edge connector board Not fitted Not fitted
C54 Motorised eject board 22uF 25v The only electrolytic cap on the board.
C101 Drive spindle board 22uF 16V
C104 Drive spindle board Ceramic, labelled as: 16X 100M
C107 Drive spindle board 0.47uF 50v

Remember that you need twice as many as listed above to do both drives, so the actual part list is:

  • 2x 0.47uF, 50v
  • 4x 6.8uF, 50v
  • 2x 10uF, 25v
  • 2x 22uF, 10v
  • 2x 22uF, 16v
  • 2x 22uF, 25v
  • 2x 100uF, 10v
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