X68000 - Using SCSI Zip/CD/MO Drives

You're not just limited to the internal SCSI/SASI drive on the X68000. If you have cable for the external port (noting that some early models don't have a standard SCSI-1 connector..) you can connect to a range of relatively standard storage devices.

Use of the various drives are limited to either accessing them in Human68k native filesystem format, or in basic FAT12/16. There are some add-on utilities to let you browse FAT32 drives, but these don't work with the standard cd/dir/copy/del commands. Stick to FAT16 to make it easier.

First, you need to install SUSIE.X to your floppy/hard drive:

This tools scans the SCSI bus and maps non-SCSI HDD devices to drive letters. You need to know the SCSI ID of the device you want to use. In the case of my SCSI Zip Drive, it is SCSI ID 6:

Run SUSIE.X -ID6 Z:, which scans for a device on SCSI ID 6 and maps it to drive Z:

Easy, and much simpler than shuffling CF or SD cards in and out all of the time - also a method of backing up your data; I use a USB Zip drive on a modern PC to copy data to and from the X68000.

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