Amiga 1200 - Tower case PSU fan replacement

I've had this AmigaKit tower converted 1200 for a long time now; probably at least 10 years. I went off using it for a bit as the power supply that was included (a very, very basic ATX style thing) was horrendously noisy.

Finally, after properly sorting out the new office, I decided to do something about it in August 2020.

It's a fairly basic case, obviously a modified AT design, with panel cut-outs for old fashioned serial and parallel ports, absolutely minimal cable management features, etc.

Still, there's plenty of room inside:

In there we have:

  • Blizzard 1260 68060 accelerator running at 72MHz
  • Blizzard SCSI IV
  • Reset fix board
  • PS2 keyboard module
  • USB keyboard module
  • MicroMys PS2 module
  • 3.1 ROMS
  • CF to IDE reader in a 3.5“ bay
  • Amiga floppy in the 3.5” floppy bay
  • HP 32x SCSI CD-ROM
  • Seagate Cheetah 18.1GB SCSI SCA drive with SCA to 8-bit adapter

There's nothing special about it; it's a generic PC style ATX power supply, but a very cheap one. Not that an Amiga 1200 needs anything remotely special.

It's a very cheap power supply as it doesn't even have a fan header - it's soldered directly to the PCB. That will need some connectors adding.

.. and that's the fan. Yet again it's a bog standard 80x80x25mm 12v DC fan. There's all sorts of things to replace it with, but I'll probably stay with something like a basic Coolink or Noctua - nothing expensive.

It's still not silent, due to the horrible design of the fan grill and the not-quite-cut-out-the-right-shape hole in the case for the PSU, but it's much better:

[Update - August 11th, 2020]

Wasn't happy with the noise coming from the replacement fan, so I swapped the power supply with a Corsair CS450M instead:

With the 120mm fan and almost no load from the Amiga compared to the average PC, it's totally silent.

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