Date Gallery Notes
2022/08/04 Milky way images from a trip to Majorca
Date Gallery Notes
2021/11/18 Lens comparison of the full moon
2021/11/04 Not an entirely successful night. Tried changing exposure settings which didn't work out too well, as well as some very thin cloud cover that drifted over. Not great.
2021/10/25 SIMPLE  =                    T / FITS header                                    
BITPIX  =                  -32 / Bits per entry                                 
NAXIS   =                    3 / Number of dimensions                           
NAXIS1  =                 6016 / length of x axis                               
NAXIS2  =                 4012 / length of y axis                               
NAXIS3  =                    3 / length of z axis (mostly colors)               
EQUINOX =               2000.0 / Equinox of coordinates                         
DATAMIN =                    0 / Minimum data value                             
DATAMAX =                65535 / Maximum data value                             
BZERO   =                    0 / physical_value = BZERO + BSCALE * array_value  
BSCALE  =                    1 / physical_value = BZERO + BSCALE * array_value  
DATE-OBS= '2021-10-30T20:08:27'
COMMENT 1   Written by ASTAP.
OBJECT  = 'M'                                                                   
CBLACK  =                 1128 / Indicates the black point used when displaying 
CWHITE  =                29596 / indicates the white point used when displaying 
HISTORY 2   De-mosaic bayer pattern used RGGB
HISTORY 3   Colour conversion: AstroSimple interpolation.
EXPTIME =                    0 / Total luminance exposure time in seconds.      
LUM_EXP =                    0 / Average luminance exposure time.               
LUM_CNT =                    6 / Luminance images combined.                     
LUM_DARK=                    0 / Darks used for luminance.                      
LUM_FLAT=                    0 / Flats used for luminance.                      
LUM_BIAS=                    0 / Flat-darks used for luminance.                 
LUM_TEMP=                  999 / Set temperature used for luminance.            ... Finally got the remote shutter cable for the Sky Adventurer mount to control the camera - now about to set the camera and leave it to work its magic… after a bit of post-processing ended up with two fairly reasonable pictures of the Milky Way from the back garden…
2021/10/03 First time setting up and trying my newly acquired Sky Adventurer tracking mount. Just a couple of images to prove that it was assembled correctly and working.
2021/09/21 Only a few worthwhile images this evening, but I did manage to get a reasonable image of Jupiter rising between the trees at the bottom of our garden, as well as the most detailed starfield image that I've been able to get with a single exposure so far.
2021/09/19 A darker evening with very little cloud. Got some clearer images looking back East as well as South West. Trying a range of different exposure lengths and find 20 seconds is pretty much the sweet spot before elongation of stars begins at around the 25 second mark.
2021/09/18 A later set of images taken around midnight Saturday/Sunday. Much clearer skies and very little cloud cover. Much more recogniseable constellations and some nice images framed by the trees in our garden.
2021/09/16 First proper time trying out various ISO speeds and exposure times. A couple of decent images including one with very light cloud cover side-lit by a late setting-sun.
2021/09/15 First time out trying my tripod mount and wide-angle lens. Just some basic tests to ensure that things are working.
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