Tech Stuff

  • Network Booting with dnsmasq and friends - Using dnsmasq for DHCP, TFTP and PXE booting on various clients
    • NetBSD - Configuring dnsmasq to netboot NetBSD (x86, m68k)
    • Linux - Netbooting x86 Linux (Ubuntu, Mint) using dnsmasq
    • Solaris - Supporting network installation of Solaris on Sparc using rarpd/tftp/nfs
    • MS-DOS - Booting to a MSDOS/Win98 boot floppy image, for BIOS updates etc

Software I've written:

Cross Platform

Console Systems

Embedded Devices

  • Acorn / BBC computers
  • MSX
    • MSX - Setting up and using the MegaFlashROM SCC+ flash card
    • MSX - Keyboard, using an external PS/2 keyboard on the Padial keyboard interface
  • Nintendo video game systems
    • SNES - Setting up, upgrading and using the SNES PowerPak flash card
  • SEGA video game systems
    • Dreamcast - Setting up and using the GDEMU optical drive replacement
    • Master System - Using the Master Everdrive v1
    • Master System - Installing an FM audio board
    • Master System - Installing a 50/60Hz switch
    • Mega Drive - Setting up a Neo Myth 3-in-1 flash card
    • Mega Drive - Installing a 50/60Hz switch
    • Saturn - Setting up the Rhea optical drive replacement
    • Saturn - Setting up the menu for the PSeudo Saturn / RMenu Kai cartridge / RMENU system
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